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Our online catalog includes many parts made from original Ford tooling and officially licensed Ford reproductions as well as other quality OEM aftermarket parts. At Bare Enterprises we are committed to helping you find the proper parts for your restoration project and it is our goal to become the main source for these parts. We are constantly updating and expanding our inventory of quality products. Thank you for your support. We truly appreciate your business.

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We are constantly updating and expanding our inventory of quality products.

Ford Original Tooling &

Ford Officially Licensed Products

What is

Original Tooling?

Original Ford Tooling refers to new obsolete tools that Ford Motor Company once used to mass produce the parts necessary to assemble their automotive line. The surviving tools and tooling have been reinstated into production and resume making parts for the reproduction parts market.


What are

Officially Licensed Products?

Reproduction parts that display a Ford Trademark recognition and meet the quality standards established by Ford are authorized as Official Licensed Products. These products are made from other than Ford tooling and can be manufactured in the continental U.S. or Worldwide.


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